My fees are based on the age, size and complexity of the vessel and type of work required.

Fees are also affected by the location of the boat. I try to keep my travel charges to a minimum. When possible I schedule surveys in the same area together so costs can be shared.

Fees are often expressed in terms of dollars per foot length of the boat or an hourly rate. Common surveys such as Condition and Valuation surveys are by the foot. I charge $22 per ft. LOD for vessels up to 30 ft., $23 per ft for vessels 31-40 ft and $25+ for vessels over 40 ft. with a $500 minimum.

Because of all the variables, it is more accurate and effective for me to provide a quote based on your needs.
Please contact me to obtain a quote.

Invoices And Payment

Estimates are provided prior to commencement of any work. Invoices are submitted on completion of the physical survey and payment is required prior to the issuance of any reports.

Payments are accepted in cash, by check, by interact e-transfers or by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.